Day 3 – Communities and Culture Research in Digital Libraries

My goal is to post something everyday. For the third day, I am making a reference to a call for students and recent graduates to present their research relating to communities and cultures for digital libraries. The Special Interest Group for Digital Libraries (SIG-DL) from the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) is seeking proposals from students to showcase their work at ASIS&T’s annual meeting in Seattle, WA this year Oct 31, – November 4, 2014. Call for Proposal Description

This topic is especially interesting to me because I just finished up some research for two courses over the summer dealing with culture assessment and fostering communities of practices. The research included social network and semantic analysis on a forum. I used the Ontolog group.

The analysis I performed was based on the participation of the users and the languages used in the forum postings. The outcome of the research revealed assigned users to the 1%, 9%, and the 90% based on his or her participation. Culture assessment used semantic analysis extract terms that were used to identify the group members willingness to share with the rest of the community.  

Due to some issues on data mining, I was not able to link all users in a social network based on what forum or reply to forum. Social network analysis of this can yield which users are posting and connecting with others in community. Another issue was analyzing the text due to previous forum message posting. In forums, the original posting is still embedded in the message, so content is being analyzed again on message that are replying to the original, causing duplication in results. 

Future research will try to retain the relationship based on which forum users are posting too, so we can see any patterns to what or to who content is being contributed to. As far for the culture assessment, pronouns can extracted and counted by message to identify the context users are viewing themselves when they participation. 

Much more research is needed, and I might actually proposal to show this research at the conference, but I am posting here to document the conference and my research. Tools I used for that research include C#’s Html Agility Pack, NodeXL, and SAS Content Categorization Studio. 


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