Converting MARC Records to RDF

Libraries store their bibliographic records as MARC (MAchine Readable Catalog). It is the digitized form of the catalog cards that were used to link subjects, authors, and titles to their locations within the library.

A colleague of mine wanted me to remind him on how to use MarcEdit to convert MARC records to RDF. I thought I’ll post the instructions here to share with everyone.

First you will have to download and install the software. You can downldownloadPageForMarcEditoad the software here. On the same page, you can download other XSLT to help transform other formats to other. Although I believe the XSLT is already installed with the software package, you should download it from here as well. Under XSLT download bullet, select MARC => RDF Dublin Core.

You can view the author’s instructions here. View and follow the instructions. To summarize…. you download the XSLT sheet and save it to a XSLT directory of the MarcEdit installation.

I’ve created this video to help illustrate the process from the instructions.